Despite this increase, after the declines in the previous two years, the number is still below the value recorded in 2019, says the document that is being presented by the director general of the Service for Intervention in Addictive Behaviors and Dependencies (SICAD) João Goulão, and by the Deputy Director, Manuel Cardoso.

In addition to these 41 deaths, another 973 positive deaths for alcohol were recorded and with information on the cause of death, 34% were attributed to natural death, 32% to an accident, 12% to suicide, and 4% to alcoholic intoxication.

Of the 148 fatal victims of road accidents who were under the influence of alcohol, 82% were drivers, 13% were pedestrians, and 5% were passengers.

“After the relevant drop in 2020, in 2021, still with periods of restrictions on circulation imposed by the pandemic, the number of these victims increased again (+19%), although still with lower values than those of 2016-2019, when there was an increase, with the value of 2019 being the highest of 2013-21”, reads in the report.

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