idealista/news interviewed the mayor of Sant’Elia a Pianisi, a small village in Italy with 1,610 inhabitants in the province of Campobasso about the project.

The property acquisition process has been simplified, and the price is very advantageous, but there are also charges for those who buy, according to mayor, Biagio Faiella, which include a deposit of €5,000 to ensure works take place.

The mayor explained that those who buy the properties must adhere to a strict set of rules which include presenting a renovation project to the local authority within six months of purchasing the house. And it will be necessary to complete the work in the next three years.

If more than one person is interested in buying a property then preference will be given to the buyer who presents a project using local workers and materials and also to those who plan to finish the project fastest.

The mayor told idealista/news that so far there has been interest from many people, including from the United States and Canada.

The advertisement for the houses for 1 euro in Molise is available here.