All angels can heal. However, healing angels specialise in bringing people and animals into perfect balance, alignment and vitality.

Each time you send a prayer to help others you are adding to the light around them. It will also automatically add to your light. Your intercession of love will help the person in the best way for them, for angels can use the energy of prayer to bring physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing to someone in need. When several people together pray for a person, the power sent out is multiplied.

Many people prayed for little John when he had an operation. His mother wrote to me that when the child was in the operating theatre, both she and his father could see him surrounded by an incredible sphere of light that was built up by all the beautiful angels that were there. The whole operating theatre was filled with this light and she could feel the angels there helping her son, who was well remarkably quickly and in very little pain.

The angels of healing have enormous compassion. They do hear your prayers and if it is possible under spiritual law to help, they will do so. Jesse’s friend had a riding accident and was badly brain damaged. The doctors told her that he would never improve. One day she left the hospital and implored the angels from the bottom of her heart, ‘Please let him be OK.’ Suddenly an angel appeared and smiled at her. From that moment she absolutely knew he would get better and against all the odds he made a total recovery.

Never give up hope. Continue to hold the vision of perfect health for everyone, for faith activates miracles.

Tell the Angels what you want

When you invoke the Angels of Healing tell them what you really want. Years ago, when I was facilitating a workshop a lady had an abscess on her tooth and presumed she would have to take antibiotics. During the night she could not sleep for the pain. Eventually she asked the angels to take it away and within a short time the pain dissolved. Next day her face was still very swollen though the pain had gone. Gradually, the swelling diminished and she did not take antibiotics. We joked that next time she must ask for the swelling to be taken away too.

Months later I was facilitating another workshop. Again a participant had a tooth abscess. Her face was swollen and she was in considerable pain. I told her the previous story and, when she went to bed she asked the healing angels to take the pain, the infection and the swelling away. When she woke in the morning it had gone completely.

Angel Humming Balls

The angels gave me a simple Angel Humming Ball exercise. On one occasion everyone at a workshop made a healing humming ball and sent it to someone in need. The following year a young man came to my workshop expressly to tell me that he sent his healing humming ball to his mother who had been in deep depression for some time. She was at home sitting in her kitchen when she saw the angel ball fly through the wall. It went right into her heart and her depression lifted immediately.

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Make an Angel Healing Humming Ball.

1.Decide who you want to send it to.

2.What colour do you wish it to be?

3. Rub your hands together to energise them and call on the angels of healing.

4. Hold your a few centimetres apart and hum into the space between them.

5. Sense a beautiful coloured sphere forming.

6. When you have finished ask the healing angels to direct your humming ball to that person.

7. Visualise the person you are sending it to in perfect health and happiness.

About Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper’s spiritual journey started 40 years ago with an angelic visitation and she has worked with Angels ever since. She has written 33 books translated into 28 languages.

She has travelled worldwide sharing inspiration from the higher realms and now teaches regular online courses. She founded the Diana Cooper School of White Light, a not-for-profit organisation offering spiritual teaching courses throughout the world.