The GNR has begun the 'Carnival 2023' operation today, in which they will patrol the main traffic routes of access to the main areas of festivities and inspect establishments.

"The aim of this operation is to prevent the sale and use of pyrotechnic material, combat crime, contribute to reducing road accidents, ensure the fluidity of traffic and support all citizens, enhancing the feeling of security, proximity and trust in the Guard," the GNR said in a statement.

Carnival festivities cause "a significant increase in road traffic", as well as being a time that encourages "risky behaviour, such as greater consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or psychotropic substances and subsequent driving under the influence of them".

In this context, and foreseeing a "large influx and adherence of people to the Carnival festivities", the GNR will direct "prevention and patrol actions" to "drug trafficking, possession of pyrotechnic material, changes in public order and acts of vandalism".

On the other hand, road surveillance actions will focus on "driving under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances, dangerous manoeuvres, especially with regard to overtaking manoeuvres, change of direction and giving way, speeding, driving without a legal licence, overloading, improper use of a mobile phone while driving and non-use or incorrect use of seat belts and/or child restraint systems".