The restaurant has been well received as it has expanded to a number of international locations throughout the world with the W Algarve being the latest home.

First impressions on arriving at W Algarve always give a wow factor and the Algarve certainly does not disappoint. It is a seriously cool space that oozes class. The W Algarve are known for their design and attention to detail throughout the world. This is probably the coolest hotel in the Algarve.

The Paper Moon restaurant also oozes class and style. It is an elegant restaurant that is perfect for any special occasion. The bar setting and outside space are perfect for pre-dinner drinks or perhaps just leisurely drinks to watch the sun going down. I’d recommend booking as this place becomes known for what a beautiful space it really is.

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The staff at Paper Moon, led by Pedro, are super attentive yet also unobtrusive in that laid-back casual way. This is something that can be difficult to train so the restaurant clearly has high staff selection criteria.

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On to the beverages and food. I asked for a very crisp white wine as an aperitif and the sommelier Miguel said he had something a little special that wasn’t on the menu. It was special and exactly what I wanted. My partner asked for a very fresh non Alcoholic cocktail that arrived just as she requested, saying drink at least half and if you don’t like it I’ll get you another. Great service and a great start. My apologies reader, as I didn’t take note of the wine or the cocktail as I was enjoying the drink!

Exceptional value

We decided on the set menu and at €65 for this type of fine food at dinner is exceptional value. In Lisbon or at other high-end restaurants this would be double.

Ciro Piedmont the Italian chef seems on top of his game and the menu, both the vegetarian and meat menu seems very balanced. We had the vegan option of the vegetarian.

The meat option had swordfish carpaccio marinated with orange and dill followed by a black truffle risotto. For the main black cod or grilled beef tenderloin. There were a number of desserts to choose from.

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For the vegan option, we had tempura of artichokes that were crisp and the sauce matched it perfectly giving a hint of sweet and sour.

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Next, we had a spinach salad with caramelised onions and roasted walnuts with sun-dried tomatoes. The salad was extremely fresh with some body from the nuts and tomatoes.

Then for main course we had homemade spaghetti with black truffle shavings. This was extremely flavoursome and perfect for a main course. I personally love truffles so I was very pleased with the generous helping.

Finally, we had an excellent fruit plate loaded with exotic fruit. Dragon fruit, logan fruit (similar to lycees), persimmon, guava and mango. A perfect way to round off the meal.

The restaurant was fully booked with a very cosmopolitan crowd, with a great buzz, and a French couple that sat next to us we spoke to were particularly impressed with the meat menu.

The Paper Moon is a great restaurant for a special occasion or just for a good night out. It is a welcome addition to the growing list of excellent dining experiences in the Algarve and we very much look forward to visiting again soon.

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