"Until the Government ratifies our proposal, we will maintain a strike", explained a source from the SPAC board, insisting that "the government is lacking the will to approve" the proposal agreed between TAP.

The agreement between TAP and the union ensures a "replacement of working conditions withdrawn in the 2022 agreement".

In a statement released by SPAC, entitled 'Strike in April if the Government does not ratify the Agreement', the union explains that the pilots approved the TAP proposal for the revision of the working conditions of pilots imposed by the Temporary Emergency Agreement, at the General Meeting of Companies to discuss the protocol proposed by TAP following the negotiations held with the union.

"Following the requirements presented by the SPAC, TAP prepared the proposal that was approved by the Pilots, with the participation (in person or by proxy) of 655 Members, with 341 votes in favour (50.6%), of the Protocol for revision of the conditions imposed by the Temporary Emergency Agreement", they say.

The union states that, however, the "effectiveness of the agreement was dependent on approval" by the State shareholder, with regard to TAP, and by the Assembly of Pilots, with regard to SPAC.

"As only the SPAC, in the Pilots' Assembly, and the Executive Committee of TAP reached an agreement, until this time, with the absence of a manifestation by the Shareholder, the effectiveness of the Agreement has not yet been reached", they explain, thus justifying the approved strike by pilots.

The prior notice of the strike, on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of April, was approved by the pilots, with 515 votes in favour (87.1% of the total).