The new proposal will introduce a right for consumers to claim repair to product producers, for products that are technically repairable under EU law. This could include washing machines, TVs, and hoovers.

EU lawmakers hope the proposal will reduce waste and give consumers more options for faulty or damaged products. There is also hope that the proposal will encourage goods producers to develop more sustainable products.

As part of the plans, an online matchmaking repair platform will be able to connect consumers with repairers and sellers of refurbished goods in their area. The platform will enable searches by location and quality standards, help consumers find attractive offers, and boost visibility for repairers.

The proposal will also introduce a Europe-wide quality standard for repair services.

Every year discarded products that could have been repaired amount to 35 million tons of waste, 30 million tons of resources and 261 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU.

Furthermore, opting for replacement instead of repair is estimated to cost consumers almost €12 billion per year. Additionally, the initiative is estimated to bring EUR 4.8 billion in growth and investment in the EU.