"I intend to take the proposed regulation of Local Accommodation (AL) to the next executive meeting on April 21", said the councillor with the portfolio of Economy of the Porto Chamber, Ricardo Valente.

Ricardo Valente guaranteed that it would be "unfeasible" to analyse the various contributions of the public consultation, which ends on April 4th and which currently has more than 70 participations, and conclude the Municipal Regulation for the Sustainable Growth of Local Accommodation before the end of the suspension of new registrations, on April 11th.

"We are not as fast as the Government, which advances with measures and then holds a public consultation for three days. It was completely unfeasible for us to be able to close this [regulation] on April 11, and we decided to ask for an extension", he noted.

The extension of the suspension of new AL licenses for another six months, or until the entry into force of the new regulation, was approved with the favourable votes of councillors from the independent movement of Rui Moreira, PS, BE and CDU, and with the abstention of PSD councillors.

Questioned whether the measures announced by the Government in the new housing package in relation to the AL would clash with the municipality's regulations, the councillor said that the document will be defended "until the end", guaranteeing that the municipality will not "peacefully" accept the policy of "confiscation" of guardianship.

"The Government wants to change and confiscate the policy of the AL from the municipalities. We are outright against it and we understand that common sense will prevail in the end (...) Our role is to continue with our path, which it is our regulation, which we will defend until the end because I don't think we will peacefully accept confiscation", he guaranteed, stressing that the municipality "has political legitimacy".