In a statement, AMN recalls that, at this time of year, there is still “a winter sea” that presents a “morphology altered by the effect of strong swells”, creating “on the beaches areas of steep slopes, eddies and waterholes that are not clear to see”.

“The overwhelming majority of Portuguese beaches are not supervised at this time of the year”, they add, while highlighting that the response to an emergency situation could take a long time.

AMN assures that, in view of the possible influx near the beaches due to the good weather, it will reinforce, the “surveillance and inspection in some of the bathing areas, with the aim of raising the awareness of the population to avoid risky behaviour”.

Reiterating the recommendations to avoid risky behaviour, the organisation asks the population to “permanently watch children”, not to go near the water or walk on wet sand and not to turn their backs on the sea.

If you witness a dangerous situation in the water, it is important “not to go in to the water but instead call 112 for help”.