The Quarteto do Barlavento gave us delightful music by Mozart, Shostakovich and Algarvean composer Cristóvão Silva. Petra Vahle-Francis joined Bernhard & Christel Schlünder, Petra Axt-Adam and Daniela Zlatkin to perform a Mozart string quintet. Three of these musicians are members of local Rotary clubs. The special ambient of this intimate theatre was a perfect venue for such delightful music.

This benefit concert raised €3.000 for the Silves Rotary Clubs educational projects in local Silves schools. These projects provide pupils with the experiences and resources to expand their knowledge of the world, to build their self-esteem and maximise their opportunities.

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Thanks go to Silves Câmara for generously allowing Silves Rotary Club to use their theatre for this concert and also special thanks to The Spectrum IFA Group for their kind sponsorship.