In the first, only Swedes, there were still active and former businessmen and directors of world companies like IBM, IKEA, Ericsson. Tomas bought his third home in Alvor months ago. Every month he goes to IBM's headquarters in the USA and travels around Europe sharing high technology with application producers.

Jonas was IKEA's IT director, spending several months in each country where that Swedish group started activities, negotiating and implementing complete systems, from apps to centrals and terminals.

Charlie, IKEA's purchasing director, visits seven countries every month looking for suppliers, selecting samples, negotiating contracts. He was a disk jockey when he was young, which made it easy for him to get in touch with other people.

In the second group were entrepreneurs from the tourism sector, such as Mauro, from Italy, IT, such as Magnus, from Sweden, real estate, such as Fram, from India, and Maria, from Brazil. Also, the Consul of Sweden in the Algarve, Rui Horta, and many Algarve businessmen. This lunch, with 24 people, was at a vegetarian restaurant in Bemposta, Portimão.

The next lunch and wine tasting will be for a Nordic group in June.