“Video surveillance is being worked on with the [Braga PSP] District Command, namely with the PSP district commander. We started this work, which is a work in cooperation with the three municipalities that are part of the [Braga] District Command, which are Guimarães, Braga and [Vila Nova de] Famalicão”, said Domingos Bragança, the mayor of Guimarães.

The mayor hopes that the video surveillance system will come into force “as soon as possible”, without, however stating a date, as this “will depend a lot on some opinions and frameworks that are not controlled by time”.

As for the places where the surveillance cameras will be installed, Domingos Bragança says that this stage has not yet been reached.

“The definition of sensitive sites is a job that will only be done when the PSP has all the regulations and framework, and the agreement that will be established between the [three] city councils. And for now we don't have it”, replied the mayor.