The second annual Ukrainian Portuguese Festival “FELIZONDA” just announced a schedule of exciting events and headliners that will take place on the main ‘avenida’ in Lagos from June 29 through July 2. Admission is free.

The festival will open on June 29 with a live teleconference link between the Minister of Culture in Ukraine, Oleksandr Tkachenko, and Lagos Mayor, Hugo Pereira, to symbolise the bridge that exists between the two cultures. Next on opening day will be a performance by the world-famous 32-piece National Orchestra of Ukraine, NAONI. The orchestra has been the “voice of Ukraine” for 50 years, winning the international “Battle of the Orchestras” seven times.

Other headlining musical acts include:

  • Oleg Skripka: A famous performer in Ukraine, Oleg will perform with the National Orchestra of Ukraine, and be available to sign autographs after the concert.
  • Laura Marti: Jazz singer, composer, actress and model. Laura is Ukrainian with Armenian roots, and the “heart of a Brazilian”. Impassioned with the songs of Brazilian Tania Maria, Laura learned to speak Portuguese and sing in the style of Brazilian jazz.
  • Al-Gharband: These five musicians play rhythmical music full of fun and audience participation, covering songs from Portugal’s most famous bands, including Xutos e Pontapés, Resistência, Delfins, João Pedro Pais and others.

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A multinational mix of other bands and singers from Portugal, England and France, and two DJs, will also be included in the festival line-up:

  • Portuguese Bands: Brisas do Sul, Pau de Cabinda, and Fado
  • English Band: Poor Man’s Band
  • French Singer: Charles France
  • DJs: Toby One and Dj JUSTT.

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In addition to musical acts, the event will have:

  • A game area for children
  • Food trucks offering delicious food typical of Ukraine and Portugal
  • Other inspiring artistic demonstrations, performances, hand-made crafts
  • A 2.5k walking event around Lagos, “Passeio Voluntário”. The walk takes place on July 2, the closing date of the festival.

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