The study indicates that eight out of 10 Portuguese have plans to travel, which corresponds to 77% of citizens.

“77% of the Portuguese plan to travel during their holidays this summer, in addition flight searches also increased by 23%, while searches for hotels increased by 35% compared to the summer of 2022”, said the author of the study and reported by Publituris.

In addition to the 77% who plan to travel, there are still 11% of Portuguese who are waiting until the last minute to decide, while 12% say they are not going to travel anywhere.

The month of July seems to be the most popular, with 40% of the Portuguese preferring this month to travel on vacation, while 36% expect to do so in August. In addition to these months, 12% of respondents choose the month of June, the same percentage of those who still also choose September.

Private car seems to be the main means of transport chosen since it is included in the choices of 59% of the respondents, followed by plane, with 28% of the preferences, the bus, which is chosen by 8% of the Portuguese, as well as the train or a boat, both with 3% of the choices.

As for accommodation, the hotel is the type chosen by 50% of the Portuguese, followed by apartment rental, which is the preference of 27% of respondents, as well as aparthotels (11%) and country houses (9%). Only 3% plan to go camping.


As for destinations, 58% of respondents revealed that they prefer national destinations, which represents about seven out of 10 Portuguese people, while 33% prefer to travel to international destinations, and there are 8% of respondents combine national and foreign destinations.

As for the type of holiday, 58% prefer sun and beach destinations, while 26% choose big cities, with a further 16% opting for destinations in the countryside or in the mountains.

In the case of international trips, most preferences are for destinations in Europe and the city of Malaga, in Spain, appears as the most sought-after, followed by Venice, Budapest, Paris and London.

“It seems that many Portuguese people want to take a break this summer and enjoy a few days of travel during their holidays. Domestic destinations, staying in hotels and sharing the trip with family members seem to be the preferred options”, said Ignazio Ciarmoli, Marketing Director at Jetcost.