"Of course, yes, we are going to ask for an increase in staff during the bathing season", said the president of the association, while defending that it is important to have policing numbers that are "adaptable throughout the year", depending on the number of tourists in the Algarve.

According to the association, there is an important presence of tourists throughout the year and the security forces should adapt on a monthly basis, avoiding a system that reinforces security only during the summer.

The former mayor of Albufeira indicated that these claims will be transmitted during a Municipal Security Council, at a meeting scheduled for the first half of June, which will be attended by the Secretary of State for Internal Administration, Isabel Oneto.

This issue was already addressed last week at a meeting between APAL representatives and the mayor of Albufeira, José Carlos Rolo, to discuss "various matters concerning the dynamics of the city and its tourist offer".

Accelerating the process that will lead to the installation of a video surveillance system, a matter for which the municipality is responsible.

In addition to these topics, at the same meeting the creation of a tourist tax in the municipality, which is being studied by the Chamber, as well as the possibility of creating a monitoring commission for the allocation of funds resulting from it, will be discussed.

Desidério Silva also alluded to the problems created by the lack of housing for workers and labour for the tourist sector.