According to the company, 143 trains were cancelled until 08:00.

CP - Comboios de Portugal indicates that of the 66 scheduled regional trains, 34 connections were not made and on Lisbon urban trains 112 were scheduled and 71 were cancelled.

In urban Porto, 53 were planned for the period, 26 having been cancelled and in long-distance trains, three of the 12 planned connections were made.

Several CP unions had called for a strike today, but on Tuesday after a meeting with the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Frederico Francisco, only the Railway Union of the Itinerant Commercial Review (SFRCI) maintained the strike.

On Tuesday, José Manuel Oliveira from the Federation of Transport and Communications Unions (Fectrans), told Lusa that the organization and the National Union of Railway Sector Workers (SNTSF) had decided to call off the strike after the meeting.

According to José Manuel Oliveira, “more private meetings will now be scheduled with the Secretary of State to discuss some problems in the rail sector”, including “issues related to traffic safety”.

The other union that called for a strike, SINFA - Independent Union of Railway Workers, Infrastructures and Related, also "followed the position" of Fectrans and SNTSF, said José Manuel Oliveira.