The 209ft superyacht houses 10 guests and 14 staff and features amenities such as a gym, cinema room, jacuzzi, and three different bars. The ship was built in the Netherlands in 2019, at the behest of members of the Heineken family, before being bought by Berwind in 2020 for around €80 million.

Berwind, from Florida, is a descendant of the founders of the Berwind-White Coal Mining company, Edward Julius and Charles Frederick Berwind, who formed the company in the 1860s, and it’s been in the family’s possession ever since, moving into other sectors like manufacturing and real estate. The Berwind Corporation today’s real estate portfolio is estimated to be worth $3 billion.

James Berwind and his partner Kevin Clark have dedicated themselves to philanthropy, focusing on environmentalism and animal welfare. With a personal network of €500 million, James is an architect, supporting projects and people around environmental and community development all over the world.