According to provisional data released by the Associação dos Hotéis e Empreendimentos Turísticos do Algarve (AHETA), the Algarve surpassed, in May, the values recorded this month for the occupancy rate per room since 2001, the year in which it had reached 70 .7%.

The occupancy rate per room in the fifth month of the year was 2.8 pp (percentage points) above that seen in the same month of 2019 (last year before the covid-19 pandemic) and 5.1 pp above that of 2022.

Irish and US markets

According to the monthly summary of the evolution of the hotel industry prepared by AHETA, compared to the same month of 2019, the markets that most contributed to the recorded rise were the Irish with +2.6 pp and the North American with +0.7 pp.

The German market, with -1.3 pp, and the national one, with -1.0 pp, were the ones that most contradicted the rise seen, even in comparison with May 2019.

By geographical area, the biggest increases compared to 2019 occurred in the areas of Tavira (+8.7 pp) and Lagos/Sagres (+2.4 pp).

Albufeira, the main tourist area in the Algarve, registered a decrease of -2.4 pp (-3.1%).