“In the month of May 2023, 185,980 passengers disembarked at the airports of the Azores, with a positive variation of 20.9% compared to the same month of the previous year”, reads a publication by SREA with statistics on air transport.

The value recorded in 2023 is the highest in May since 1986, according to data available on the SREA website.

The highest number had been registered in 2022, with 153,829 passengers disembarking.

According to SREA, all the islands of the Azores showed a “positive year-on-year change in passenger disembarkation” in May, with the most pronounced ones being recorded in São Jorge (33.9%), Corvo (30.7%) and Flores (26 .3%).

More than half of the passengers, 108,947 (58.6%), disembarked on the island of São Miguel, the largest in the archipelago.