The Lisbon Metro registered, during World Youth Day (WYD), the highest number of trips in seven consecutive days.

Between July 31st and August 6th, 4 million trips were made on the Metro. On the 4th alone, for example, almost 740,000 trips were booked, "an unprecedented situation in the company's history".

"The transport of participants, which was carried out in an orderly manner and without incident, was possible due to the reinforcement of trains, with more than 15,600 circulations, with the entire event being permanently monitored between Metropolitano de Lisboa and all the entities involved”.

Metropolitano de Lisboa also highlighted the partnership it entered into with the Parochial Organizing Committee of Alto do Lumiar to, between July 29 and August 7, provide “a set of facilities, for accommodation and overnight stays for around 500 participants”.