"The team of analysts at Picodi.com checked statistical data from 105 countries and calculated how much money people spend on their purchases around the world. In this ranking, Portugal ranked 30th out of 105 countries – food and drinks non-alcoholic drinks represent 17.5% of expenditure on goods and services", according to Notícias ao Minuto.

This result is similar to Poland (17.2%), Greece (17.6%) and Hungary (18%).

This data shows, however, that grocery expenses vary greatly by country: "For example, less than a tenth of spending on food and non-alcoholic beverages consumed at home is found in countries like the US – 6.7%, Singapore – 8.4%, UK – 8.7%, Ireland – 9.2% and Switzerland – 9.9%".

"Among the countries included in the ranking, the highest percentage of spending on food products is found in Nigeria, Myanmar and Kenya – 59%, 56.6% and 56.1%, respectively", concludes the study.

The data also show that the highest grocery expenses in Europe are registered in Switzerland (325 euros/month), followed by Norway (308 euros/month) and Denmark (281 euros/month), "which can be explained by globally high prices in these countries".

"Portuguese spend €204 per month on purchases", according to the same study.

"The lowest grocery expenses are registered in Ukraine (98 euros/month), Belarus (89 euros/month) and Moldova (88 euros/month)".