According to Jornal de Negócios, the increase takes into account the average annual variation in rates as a result of the formula provided for in its concession contract (based on the inflation rate and the ratio between eligible capital investment and EBITDA) of 13.38 % and an additional one due to adjustments due to estimation errors for 2022, which is reported to be more than 18.4 million euros and which, plus interest, exceeds 20.7 million.

In the document, ANA explains that, in 2024, the maximum average regulated revenue (RRMM) that it is authorized to charge for airports in the Lisbon group (which includes Humberto Delgado, but also Beja, Azores and Madeira) is 14, 61 euros per passenger, which will translate into a variation in regulated fees per passenger of 1.64 euros (12.64% more). To the proposal, it adds 50 cents per passenger in the Lisbon group, that is, an additional 3.86 percentage points to include the recovery of the estimation error deviation found last year.