The figures show a significant improvement over the 13 million at the same time last year. The total group revenue for the first half of 2023 increased by 55% to €458.8 million.

The first half of 2023 saw more passengers than the same period in 2022, which helped domestic revenue rise by 57% to €337.1 million.

Revenue from the aviation industry increased by 102% to €130.3 million, while revenue from non-aeronautical sources increased by 38% to €206.8 million.

The increase in passenger traffic through Dublin and Cork airports during the first half of the year was the primary factor in the increase in aeronautical revenue.

Strong food and beverage sales, retail sales, improved concessionaire revenues, and a high demand for parking and lounge facilities due to the recovery in post-pandemic international travel from Ireland were the main drivers of the increase in non-aeronautical revenue.

Daa's total operating expenses from January to June were €252.6 million, a 28% increase over the same period in 2022 primarily due to the restart of regular airport operations following the Covid scandal.

Chief executive of Daa Kenny Jacobs commented on the financial results for the first half of the year, saying: “Dublin Airport facilitated more than 15.8 million passengers in the first six months of 2023, an increase of 32% over the same period in 2022.

“During the first half of 2023, 46 scheduled passenger airlines, including two new airlines, flew from Dublin Airport to more than 190 destinations.”

“The overall passenger experience at Dublin Airport has significantly improved in the first half of this year compared to last year, and passenger satisfaction ratings have returned to the norms we regularly met before Covid.

“Security line wait times at Dublin Airport have decreased month over month, with 92.1% of travellers completing security between January and June this year in less than 20 minutes.”