The 154-acre private estate Borleagh Manor, located close to Inch in North Wexford, will now serve as Tara Studios' Location Base and Production Offices.

An Bord Pleanála approved the construction of a €20 million film studio at the location last year.

Early next year, work is scheduled to begin on seven new sound stages totaling 150,000 square feet, as well as an additional 90,000 square feet of offices.

International and domestic film and television producers can now use 27,000 square feet of existing production space.

Tara Studios is anticipated to be one of Ireland's biggest movie studios once it is finished.

Ivan Dunleavey, the former CEO of Pinewood Studios, and John Gleeson, a film investor and tax accountant, founded Tara Studios.

Richard Greene, an actor who played Robin Hood in the 1950s television series The Adventures of Robin Hood, once owned Borleagh Manor.

He had appearances in almost 40 films.