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Latest in Crime

Christian Brueckner to be tried in Germany next year

German suspect in the death of Madeleine McCann, Christian Brueckner will be tried in Germany for five other crimes and... In News, Crime, Europe - 30 Nov 2023, 14:33

Road inspections and infractions rise

In News, Portugal, Crime - 24 Nov 2023, 14:02



16,000 litres of olive oil seized

The Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) have seized more than 16 thousand litres of olive oil, worth 73 thousand euros. In News, Portugal, Business, Crime - 24 Nov 2023, 13:05

20 arrests in fake water analysis operation

The Judiciary Police (PJ) of Vila Real announced the arrest of 20 people and the... In News, Portugal, Crime - 23 Nov 2023, 16:55

PJ brings down illegal international drug lab

In News, Portugal, Crime - 13 Nov 2023, 21:23

Lisbon Airport employees arrested for drug trafficking

In News, Crime, Lisbon - 04 Nov 2023, 12:32

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Discovering My Life’s Mission

There comes a time in the life of a sensitive-thinking person when they begin to ask themselves what their life is all about. What... In Curiosity , Lifestyle - 04 Dec 2023, 12:01

Madeira and Algarve Gaining Popularity Among Germans and Others!

Trend towards Sustainability In Property, Portugal

Mary in the Sky with tattoos

Mary in the Sky is a tattoo artist whose portfolio includes tattoos of frames from the... In Lifestyle

Other Crime Articles

TAP blackmail hack revealed

A group of hackers who declared support for Hamas against Israel tried to extort... In News, Portugal, Business, Crime - 01 Nov 2023, 11:02

More CCTV for Lisbon

Lisbon will have 242 video surveillance cameras throughout the city by 2025, representing... In News, Portugal, Crime, Lisbon - 31 Oct 2023, 16:05

Police clamping down on drink drivers

The campaign kicks off with two awareness-raising and inspection actions, which will take... In News, Portugal, Crime - 30 Oct 2023, 17:02

Lisbon airport fake taxi driver

The Public Security Police (PSP) seized, on Sunday, a fake taxi driver certificate from a... In News, Portugal, Crime - 24 Oct 2023, 17:40

The Portuguese man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders.

Prisoners costing Portugal €56.33 per day

An average prisoner costs around 56.33 euros per day in Portugal.  In News, Portugal, Crime - 23 Oct 2023, 14:01

Olive theft in Beja

Six people have been detained since Saturday by the GNR in two municipalities in the... In News, Portugal, Crime - 22 Oct 2023, 18:02

20 taxi drivers arrested for price speculation

In News, Portugal, Crime - 03 Oct 2023, 08:05

Signs left by thieves in Portugal explained

In News, Portugal, Crime - 30 Sep 2023, 13:02