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Latest in Education

How to Raise Your Grades in College

As the pursuit of higher education grows increasingly competitive, students always seek ways to improve their academic performance...
In Education, Lifestyle - 29 May 2023, 14:01

Online school exams

In Education - 02 May 2023, 08:02



Nobel Algarve British International School students selected for National Youth Parliament Programme

Seven Nobel Algarve British International School students are heading to Lisbon to represent the region in the national Youth...
In Community, Education, Algarve - 01 May 2023, 09:01

Calvin And The Sugar Apples

Calvin And The Sugar Apples is a powerful children’s story which will be published this...
In Lifestyle, Education - 29 Apr 2023, 18:01

After four months, indefinite school strike comes to an end

In News, Portugal, Education - 14 Apr 2023, 11:02

Augmentatives are a common and amusing feature of the European Portuguese language.

In Portugal, Lifestyle, Education - 14 Apr 2023, 08:01

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From Trading Cards to CryptoPunks: A Personal Journey into NFTs

As we embark further into the digital age, one term making waves across various platforms...
In Crypto

Remembering the Austin Maestro

Ten years ago, I visited a large barn in Yorkshire, a place packed full of Austin Montegos...
In Lifestyle

Euthanasia – A moral and legal minefield

In Opinion

Other Education Articles

Uma Liçãozinha (A Little Lesson)

Have you ever noticed that the Portuguese really like to end words with -inho and -inha?
In Portugal, Lifestyle, Education - 07 Apr 2023, 08:01

Ambassador Levine’s successful school visit

On Wednesday the 22nd of March, Ambassador Randi Charno Levine visited the Externato...
In North America, Portugal, Education - 04 Apr 2023, 20:01

Nobel Algarve Almancil celebrates the completion of Cambridge Registration with Founders' BBQ

Nobel Algarve British International School recently held a Founders’ BBQ at its Almancil...
In Community, Algarve, Lifestyle, Education - 02 Apr 2023, 11:15

Portuguese Words you Already Know

Did you know there may be thousands of Portuguese words that you already know?
In Portugal, Lifestyle, Education - 31 Mar 2023, 08:01

Teachers postpone strike

The teachers’ strike scheduled at the end of classes, which was initially scheduled to...
In News, Portugal, Education - 27 Mar 2023, 14:03

Teachers striking again

Teachers start today a strike at the end of classes, in a stoppage called by the platform...
In News, Portugal, Education - 27 Mar 2023, 11:02

Teaching inequalities to be made known to the European Commission

In News, Portugal, Education - 22 Mar 2023, 11:01

Higher education for everyone

University of Algarve launches participatory budget

In News, Algarve, Education - 21 Mar 2023, 15:34