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Conjuntivo to distract, confuse or save your Portuguese

If you won a million dollars, what would you do? This is an ‘if-clause’ which the Portuguese are tortured with in English...
By PA/TPN, In Portugal, Lifestyle, Curiosity

Fighting airport pollution in Faro

By Paula Martins, In News, Algarve

Will Porto be the main terminal for international rail services?

By Paul Luckman, In Opinion Pieces

Portuguese association makes Mozambique healthier

By Bruno G. Santos, In Health, World, Portugal

History of Keys

By Marilyn Sheridan, In Curiosity


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An unexpected delve into the world of bread

The Bread Museum (Museu do pão) located in Quinta Fonte do Marrão in Seia, in the Serra...
By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Portugal, Lifestyle, Central

Do you know your Mongoose from your Meerkat?

Only one of them can be found in Portugal!
By Marilyn Sheridan, In Curiosity

An Apple, a Cat and a Wish

“An Apple, a Cat and a Wish” by Emma Barrett Say is a story of imagination,...
By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Community, Lifestyle

Mistakes – out of mind, out of sight?

I know I flipped the “out of sight, out of mind” saying, because, well, I can and...
By PA/TPN, In Portugal, Lifestyle

Guide to passenger rights for travel cancellations

This summer, to reach your destination you may need to travel by airplane, but don't...
By Paula Martins, In World, Consumer Rights

Kind volunteers support the homeless in Albufeira

By Paula Martins, In Community, Algarve