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NASA identifies two potentially habitable planets

The two planets are in the immediate vicinity of the star TOI-700, located about one hundred light-years away from Earth.
In News, Galactic - 17 Mar 2023, 07:32

Volcanic activity on Venus

In News, Galactic - 16 Mar 2023, 09:53

Could Astrology influence be considered in our life?

In Galactic, Lifestyle - 14 Mar 2023, 09:01



Portugal Space Ambitions Launching in 2023!

Portugal has ambitious plans for 2023 space exploration and development, including establishing a spaceport in the Azores.
In Curiosity , Galactic - 04 Feb 2023, 12:01

Angels Create Coincidences and Synchronicities

The frequency on our planet is rising so quickly that in a few years, we will all see or...
In Curiosity , Galactic - 29 Jan 2023, 09:01

Where is the UFO Evidence? 14 Notable Cases

In Curiosity , Galactic - 27 Dec 2022, 19:01

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Where are Portuguese products going?

Since 2013, Portugal has gradually turned into an exporting country, with exportation values increasing as the years go by.
In Portugal, World - 23 Mar 2023, 20:01

Experiencing Portuguese Maritime exploration

A traditional caravel is now open for visits in Lagos from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to...
In News, Portugal, Tourism, Algarve

The Portugal News now in Finnish

Read The Portugal News now in 19 languages – with more to come soon!
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Blind wine tasting by starlight might well result in UFO sightings

Visiting an observatory near Monsaraz, on the edge of the Alqueva dam, provides...
In Portugal, Alentejo, Curiosity , Galactic - 05 Oct 2022, 16:01

World's best UFO photo

"World's Best UFO Photo" unearthed by UAP Society's Vinnie Adams, Dave Clark - after 32...
In Curiosity , Galactic - 14 Sep 2022, 19:01

UFO shot down an ICBM

In September 1964, Dr. Robert Jacobs watched a short video that changed his life.
In Curiosity , Galactic - 23 Aug 2022, 20:01

Super moon and meteor shower on Friday

A new super moon will light up the sky again on Friday, while at the same time the Perseid...
In News, Portugal, Galactic - 09 Aug 2022, 17:08

Tapping into tarot

It was once associated with a bit of fun at the fairground or a very niche interest in the...
In Entertainment, Galactic - 22 Jan 2021, 01:00