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Latest in Lisbon

European Car Free Day

Dozens of cities in Portugal mark European Car Free Day (DESC) today with streets closed to traffic, a day used by the... In News, Lisbon - 22 Sep 2023, 10:07

Stephen Spicer appointed as Headmaster of the British School of Lisbon

In Community, Education, Lisbon - 03 Sep 2023, 12:01



Woody Allen coming to Lisbon

Cinemateca Portuguesa, in Lisbon, will screen the film "Manhattan", on 14 September, with the presence of the director, Woody... In News, Portugal, Entertainment, Lisbon - 30 Aug 2023, 18:05

See the Tall Ships in Portugal

The Tall Ships have already set sail on their way to Portugal and are due to arrive in... In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 29 Aug 2023, 14:05

Last chance for immersive Frida Kahlo experience

In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 20 Aug 2023, 11:05

The Portugal News logo Exclusives

The Golden Future

We are rapidly moving towards an entirely new and much more satisfying way of living, where people honour each other,... In Curiosity , Lifestyle - 25 Sep 2023, 18:01

Have women achieved equality?

Or do men still wear the trousers? In Opinion, Lifestyle

Other Lisbon Articles

New direct bus line to Faro airport

FlixBus has launched a new direct connection from Lisbon to Faro Airport.  In News, Portugal, Tourism, Algarve, Lisbon - 08 Aug 2023, 13:02

Palaces and forests closed due to weather warning

Access to the forest perimeter of Serra de Sintra, Lisbon, and to local monuments will be... In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 06 Aug 2023, 09:01

Red weather warning issued due to heat

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) has issued a red... In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 05 Aug 2023, 16:05

Local businesses losing out

Business owners have been left “disappointed” by sales during World Youth Day as... In News, Portugal, Business, Lisbon - 04 Aug 2023, 13:02

Extra means to prevent swimming in the Lisbon river

The National Maritime Authority has guaranteed that necessary means are in place to... In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 04 Aug 2023, 09:05

Lisbon weather warning

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) has issued an orange weather... In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 03 Aug 2023, 19:02

Air Force plane will oversee ceremonies and Pope's visit

In Lisbon - 30 Jul 2023, 17:01

Lisbon will have six more GIRA stations

In Lisbon, News - 29 Jul 2023, 18:02

MEO Kalorama return to Lisbon

In Lisbon, Music - 29 Jul 2023, 17:04

São Pedro de Torres Vedras Fair hits 255k visitors

In Lisbon, Events - 29 Jul 2023, 16:01