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Best pastel de nata in Lisbon announced

The award for the best pastel de nata was announced during a presentation at the Cooks' Congress, at Nirvana Studios, in Oeiras. In News - 26 Sep 2023, 20:02

Summer temperatures return to Portugal

In News, Portugal - 26 Sep 2023, 19:05

40% fewer fires in Portugal

In News, Portugal - 26 Sep 2023, 16:02

“Ambitious” plans to combat smoking

In News, Portugal - 26 Sep 2023, 15:02



Is it worth going from Portugal to Spain to refuel?

Despite Government measures to ease the tax burden on fuel, the truth is that prices remain high and many drivers from Portugal... In News, Portugal, Business - 26 Sep 2023, 14:26

Azores records further growth

The Azores recorded around 556,500 overnight stays in tourist accommodation during the... In News, Portugal, Madeira & Azores - 26 Sep 2023, 14:02

No cuts in rail investment

In News, Portugal - 26 Sep 2023, 12:05

“Future proof” Covid-19 vaccines

In News, COVID-19 - 26 Sep 2023, 11:02

Lidl generates €20 billion in Portugal

In News, Business - 26 Sep 2023, 10:02

The Portugal News logo Exclusives

Portugal Leading the Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Europe

Portugal appears to be spearheading a silent revolution within the European Union.... In News, Portugal

The Strategic Importance of Lithium and Rare Earth Elements in the Energy Transition

Portugal can take pride in having Europe's largest lithium mine, a vital resource in the... In Opinion


Portugal “distancing” itself from China

Journalist and author Michael Sheridan told Lusa that the "distance" between Portugal and China reflects the "general" trend in... In News, Portugal, Politics, Asia - 25 Sep 2023, 18:05

PSD/CDS-PP win Madeira election

The PS party lost 22,363 votes in Sunday's Madeira regional elections, compared to 2019,... In News, Portugal, Politics, Madeira & Azores - 25 Sep 2023, 10:02

Editor's Choice


€24 million fine for Super Bock

The Lisbon Court of Appeal has confirmed Super Bock's infringement of competition rules and the respective fine of 24 million... In News, Business, Portugal, Crime, Tourism - 21 Sep 2023, 19:05

Police crack down on illegal camping and motorhomes

80 violations of illegal caravanning and wild camping were detected following "several... In News, Portugal, Crime - 20 Sep 2023, 12:25

Rui Pinto handed 4 year suspended sentence

In News, Portugal, Crime - 11 Sep 2023, 17:05


Ukrainian Breakthrough

It’s nothing like the great breakthroughs of the mid-twentieth century wars, when combined air and ground forces would tear a... In Opinion - 26 Sep 2023, 13:01

Generating power from the sea in Portugal - it’s working

Harnessing the power of the Atlantic waves to generate electricity has been a long-term... In Opinion, Environment - 15 Sep 2023, 12:05

Life Elsewhere

In Opinion - 14 Sep 2023, 13:01

Armenia: Last Round?

In Opinion - 12 Sep 2023, 14:01

Why are dash cams illegal in Portugal?

In Opinion - 10 Sep 2023, 16:02

Culinary Counter-offensive

In Opinion - 07 Sep 2023, 13:01

Thailand: The Last Rigged Election?

In Opinion - 04 Sep 2023, 13:01

Pope Francis: Some Confusion, Perhaps

In Opinion - 03 Sep 2023, 13:01


New books to read this week

This week’s bookcase includes reviews of The Fraud by Zadie Smith and Holly by Stephen King. In Lifestyle, Education - 24 Sep 2023, 19:01

Portugal signs UN Treaty of the High Seas

More than 40 countries, including Portugal, have signed the High Seas Treaty on the... In News, Portugal, Education, World - 21 Sep 2023, 12:05

Teachers earn 42% more than others with higher education

In News, Portugal, Education - 13 Sep 2023, 08:05

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Solar power plant project “counter-productive”

€1.7 billion for new solar plants

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved financing of up to €1.7 billion for the... In News, Business, Portugal, Environment, Europe - 25 Sep 2023, 16:02

Emissions on Portugal´s roads increase by 6.2%

In News, Environment - 18 Sep 2023, 13:08


6,000 pharmacists ready for vaccinations

Around 6,000 pharmacists are qualified to give flu and covid-19 vaccines in the more than 2,300 pharmacies that have joined the... In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 24 Sep 2023, 10:02

€222 million for vaccines

The Government has authorised expenditure of up to 222.32 million euros for the... In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 23 Sep 2023, 09:05

Covid-19 cases on the up – no measures being brought in yet

In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 07 Sep 2023, 17:05

Covid-19 cases increasing but situation “not that dramatic”

In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 05 Sep 2023, 14:05

Other News Articles

British expats to lose Barclays account

British people living abroad who bank with Barclays are going to have their UK current or... In News, Portugal, Business, United Kingdom - 25 Sep 2023, 18:35

Funding doubles for earthquake surveillance

The Azorean Regional Government has doubled the amount of annual support allocated to the... In News, Portugal, Madeira & Azores - 25 Sep 2023, 18:02

What does the end of golden visas mean for the market?

The end of the golden visa investment permit has been brought in as a bid to help ease the... In News, Portugal, Property - 25 Sep 2023, 17:32

Google connecting Portugal, Bermuda and the US

Google has announced Nuvem, a new system of transatlantic submarine cables to connect... In News, Portugal, Business, North America - 25 Sep 2023, 17:05

Algae piling up on Algarve beach

Images of algae piling up on Praia do Alemão in Portimão have been shared on social... In News, Portugal, Algarve - 25 Sep 2023, 16:44

Portuguese driving license now accepted in Brazil

Portuguese drivers are now able to drive with a national driving license in Brazil and... In News, Portugal, South America - 25 Sep 2023, 15:02

Modern Family star holidays in Portugal

In News, Portugal - 25 Sep 2023, 13:29

Government brings in more petrol and diesel discounts

In News, Portugal, Business - 25 Sep 2023, 13:02