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Latest in Property

Affordable housing in Lisbon, Porto and Portimão

The Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) will raffle off another 21 homes, located in Lisbon, Porto and...
In News, Portugal, Property - 02 Jun 2023, 13:02

Property of the Week - A Stylish Villa of Exceptional Proportions near Ferragudo

In Property, Lifestyle, Algarve - 27 May 2023, 17:01



Property demand “remains solid”

The new edition of the 2023 Residential Market Study, Savills Portugal highlights the results achieved in 2022, as well as the...
In News, Portugal, Property - 26 May 2023, 19:05

New Algarve luxury resort

Primelife's ground breaking project begins construction, paving the way for a luxurious...
In News, Business, Portugal, Property, Algarve - 26 May 2023, 14:02

Lisbon, a vibrant city in all its splendour

In Property, Lisbon - 26 May 2023, 12:01

Understanding Portugal’s “Mais Habitação” Program

In Property, Portugal - 26 May 2023, 08:01

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Travel better with “Checked by DECO”

This summer, if you see the "Checked by DECO" label at your travel agency, you will know that this agency has been checked and...
In Tourism, Business, Travel - 03 Jun 2023, 08:05

Food review: Market Kitchen

Market Kitchen is the main restaurant at the new W Hotel in Praia da Galé. This is the...
In Lifestyle, Restaurant Reviews

Honouring Portuguese cuisine – Portugal to receive its own Michelin Guide

For the first time ever there will be a Michelin Guide solely for Portugal, with the...
In News, Portugal, Tourism, Algarve

Other Property Articles

Vila Boa Vista: Where Modern Luxury Meets Coastal Beauty

Perched on the cliffs of Portugal’s Silver Coast, overlooking the Berlengas Islands,...
In Property, Lifestyle, Algarve - 25 May 2023, 08:01

Abandoned hotel to become affordable homes

The Municipality of Mondim de Basto will renovate an unfinished hotel and turn it into 18...
In News, Portugal, Property - 24 May 2023, 14:05

Three times more houses built in Lisbon 20 years ago

At the beginning of the millennium, between 2001 and 2005, 1,801 residential and...
In News, Portugal, Property - 23 May 2023, 17:05

Coimbra is home to some of the cheapest house prices in Portugal.

Over 50% of young people in Portugal live with their parents

Portugal is the European country with the second highest rate of young people living at...
In News, Portugal, Property - 23 May 2023, 16:02

President finalises new housing laws – with criticism

The President of the Republic has promulgated the Government decree that changes legal...
In News, Portugal, Property, Politics - 22 May 2023, 18:05

Property of the Week - Traditional 2 bedroom apartment with balcony in Almádena

This 2-bedroom apartment is located in a typical Portuguese building located in the...
In Property, Lifestyle, Portugal, Algarve - 22 May 2023, 17:01

Tips to sell your property faster

In Property - 20 May 2023, 08:02