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Making train trips cheaper

Hop on a train to discover Portugal, but before you go be sure to check out our guide to getting the best value for your journey.
In Portugal, Travel - 11 Mar 2023, 19:01

Is ski touring the way to see the French mountains like a local?

In Travel, Lifestyle, Europe - 20 Feb 2023, 20:01



It’s never too late to find love in Ireland

Rebecca Black discovers the Emerald Isle’s romantic side ahead of Valentine’s Day.
In Ireland, Travel - 08 Feb 2023, 19:01

Berlin to Brussels night train

The Berlin – Amsterdam-Brussels night train from European Sleeper is set to begin in May...
In Europe, World, Travel - 08 Feb 2023, 14:31

Why this mysterious corner of Kenya has magical appeal

In Travel, Africa, Lifestyle - 07 Jan 2023, 19:01

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Experiencing Portuguese Maritime exploration

A traditional caravel is now open for visits in Lagos from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm, on tours run by the Lagos Ciência...
In News, Portugal, Tourism, Algarve - 22 Mar 2023, 17:05

The Portugal News now in Finnish

Read The Portugal News now in 19 languages – with more to come soon!
In News, World

Do career dreams turn into reality?

Life sometimes doesn’t turn out how you expect.
In Curiosity , Opinion

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Step-by-step visiting Portugal

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