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Netflix hit Tiger King turned into five-act TikTok opera

The English National Opera (ENO) has teamed up with TikTok stars to turn the Netflix series Tiger King into a five-act...
By PA/TPN, In Weird - 21 Nov 2021, 10:32

Cambridge Dictionary reveals its word of the year for 2021

By PA/TPN, In Weird - 20 Nov 2021, 12:24

Library book returned more than seven decades late

By PA/TPN, In Weird - 19 Nov 2021, 15:30

Song featuring George Harrison and Ringo Starr discovered in attic

By PA/TPN, In Weird - 12 Nov 2021, 18:30

Bat swoops in to claim New Zealand Bird of the Year title

By PA/TPN, In Weird - 07 Nov 2021, 13:30

Man builds handmade sardine advent calendar for Christmas

By PA/TPN, In Weird - 06 Nov 2021, 15:35

‘Enigmatic image’ sees French biologist named Wildlife Photographer of the Year

By PA/TPN, In Weird - 20 Oct 2021, 09:00



Turkish woman who is over 7ft named tallest in world

A woman declared the tallest in the world hopes to inspire others to accept themselves.
By PA/TPN, In Weird - 18 Oct 2021, 12:00

Tyson Fury microsculpture goes on display on head of nail

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has been honoured with a microsculpture so small it...
By PA/TPN, In Weird - 15 Oct 2021, 10:50

Firefighters rescue escaped iguana from pub roof

By PA/TPN, In Weird - 01 Oct 2021, 14:00

Hair-skipping and hand-walking feature in new Guinness World Records

By PA/TPN, In Weird - 20 Sep 2021, 15:00

Two holes-in-one in same round not a fluke, says 15-year-old

By PA/TPN, In Sport, Weird - 14 Sep 2021, 20:00

Giant Galapagos tortoises race one another to their new home

By PA/TPN, In Lifestyle, Weird - 14 Sep 2021, 12:00

The joy of making and eating a plate of pasta

By PA/TPN, In Recipes, Weird - 07 Sep 2021, 15:00

Dancing monkey and raccoon attempting a break-in among wildlife photo finalists

By PA/TPN, In Weird - 02 Sep 2021, 13:44

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Big Pharma have done a lot more good than harm

In today’s world this isn’t a popular statement, we love to hate Big Pharma and ridicule all they do. But perhaps this has...
By Paul Luckman, In Opinion - 01 Dec 2021, 17:00

Tavira D’Artes Gallery

Tavira D’Artes is an intimate and inviting gallery where the level of artistry is to the...
By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Lifestyle, Algarve - 01 Dec 2021, 14:00

Pioneering heart surgery in Portugal

For the first time a surgery on the tricuspid valve in has been performed in Portugal in...
By Bruno G. Santos, In Health, Porto & North - 01 Dec 2021, 08:00

A caddy’s life

By Neil Connolly, In Sport - 30 Nov 2021, 15:00

TAP among the worst airlines in the world

By Paula Martins, In Tourism, Business - 30 Nov 2021, 14:06

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‘World’s most expensive’ whisky miniature sells at auction

A 50ml bottle of whisky has sold for £6,440, making it said to be the most expensive...
By PA/TPN, In Weird - 27 Aug 2021, 19:45

Unfortunately named frogs fighting against extinction

An endangered amphibian nicknamed the “scrotum frog” has gone on display at a zoo as...
By PA/TPN, In Weird - 26 Aug 2021, 12:15

One step ladder wins award

A ladder with just one step secured a new £40,000 prize for a graduate designer.
By PA/TPN, In Weird - 23 Aug 2021, 19:33

Ageing cuttlefish can remember last week’s dinner

Cuttlefish are able to remember what, where and when specific events happened – right up...
By PA/TPN, In Weird - 23 Aug 2021, 18:19

Forgotten floating head sculpture back on display

A sculpture of a giant floating head which languished forgotten for decades has gone back...
By PA/TPN, In Weird - 23 Aug 2021, 16:12

New prehistoric ‘Hobbit’ creature

A prehistoric creature, named after The Hobbit character Beorn, is one of three new...
By PA/TPN, In Weird - 23 Aug 2021, 14:25

Scratch cards to fund cultural heritage

By TPN/Lusa, In Weird, Curiosity , News - 05 Mar 2021, 01:00

The Aqueduct Assassin

The Aqueduct Assassin

By Kim Schiffmann, In Weird, Hidden Gems - 18 Dec 2020, 01:00

Silk Floss Tree – What’s the point?

By Jake Cleaver, In Weird, Lifestyle - 09 Oct 2020, 01:00