In a statement, the Brazilian-based aerospace company says that the agreement with Aernnova aims to increase the production capacity of the two industrial units and diversify the customer base. The facilities in Évora will be Aernnova's largest production centres worldwide.

Embraer Metálicas and Embraer Compósitos have units covering 37,100 and 31,800 square metres, respectively, and together employ around 500 people. The two units combine advanced technologies in the manufacture of metallic and composite aerostructures with a high level of digitalisation and automation of production processes. Both produce components for wings and vertical and horizontal stabilisers for Embraer's aeronautical programmes, among others, and received §34.65 million in Portugal 2020 incentives.

With this partnership, Aernnova will assume the operation of the factories in Évora and, at the same time, will ensure the supply for the production of Embraer aircraft, increasing the long-term revenue forecast for the Spaniards, which is estimated at over $170 million.

Cited in the statement, Embraer's president and CEO, Francisco Gomes Neto, said that "the agreement will allow the expansion of occupancy levels at the plants in Évora and the diversification of the customer base, bringing new business opportunities".

For his part, Aernnova CEO Ricardo Chocarro says the agreement “further reinforces the company's status as a global leader in the design and production of aerostructures. We plan to advance further in facility operations and establish Évora as a model in aerostructure manufacturing,” he concluded.