With 286 new daily cases per million inhabitants in the last week, Portugal is far from the EU average (576 new daily cases per million inhabitants) and countries with the most new daily cases: Slovakia, with 2040 cases, Czech Republic, with 1,830, Belgium (1,480), Austria (1,370), Netherlands (1,310), Croatia (1,150), Slovenia (1,150) and Hungary (1,040).

These numbers of new daily cases per million inhabitants are also the highest in the world among countries with more than one million inhabitants.

In terms of daily deaths per million inhabitants, Portugal is the eighth country in the EU with the fewest deaths attributed to Covid-19, with an average of 1.35 in the last seven days.

In this indicator, the European average is 4.03, and the worst numbers, both at European and world level, are located to the east: Bulgaria (17.57), Hungary (16.1), Croatia (15.96), Latvia (15), Czech Republic (11.32) and Slovakia (10.8).

The world average of new daily cases per million population stands at 71, while globally there were 0.88 new daily deaths per million population attributed to Covid-19.