In the North and Centre regions, forecasts are for generally very cloudy skies and periods of rain, more frequent in Minho and Douro Litoral. The wind will be light to “moderate (up to 25 km/h) from the southwest, sometimes strong (up to 40 km/h) in the highlands. There is also a "possibility of formation of fog or morning fog in some places".

In the southern region, generally, very cloudy skies and the possibility of light showers are also expected. Forecasts point to “generally weak wind from the southwest, blowing moderately (20 to 30 km/h) in the highlands” and “fog or morning fog in some places”. In the Algarve, there will be a slight decrease in the minimum temperature.

In Greater Lisbon, like the rest of the country, “generally very cloudy skies” are expected, with “the possibility of light showers”. While in Greater Porto, where generally very cloudy skies are also expected, “periods of rain” are expected.

In the Azores archipelago, generally, very cloudy skies are expected in all groups (western, central, and eastern). In the Western group, periods of rain and showers may still occur.

In turn, in the Central group, there will be periods of rain and showers, sometimes heavy, and the possibility of thunderstorms.

In the Madeira archipelago, there will be periods of very cloudy skies.