This book is aimed for children between the ages of 8 and 12.

This is a story about five ingenious, bold and fiercely loyal orphans determined to create their own family and shape their destinies. Sit back and enjoy the story of Milou and her friends.

They are on the adventure of a lifetime and they need to stand against a cruel orphanage matron, Gassbeek, and the sinister minded, child slave hunting sailor, Rotman.

Set in 19th Century Amsterdam, you will get completely lost in a world from a different time. The story has secrets, mystery, danger, Ultimately it's about the brave orphans and the bonds they create. The illustrations are simple but effective.

The author, Hana Tooke was born in the Netherlands, and now lives in Bath, England. Before becoming a children's book author, Hana was a singer, a primary school teacher, a cheese seller, and a mad scientist.

Do not be put off by the title; it's misleading on purpose. It's a fantastic and enchanting story. Your kids are sure to find this a heartwarming read about friendship.