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Emergency landing at Faro airport

An Air Transat plane bound for Toronto, Canada, made an emergency landing at Gago Coutinho Airport, in Faro today, leading to a...
In News, Portugal, Algarve - 07 Dec 2022, 16:16

Deaths from alcohol up by 32%

In News, Portugal - 07 Dec 2022, 16:04

Pierre Gasly spotted go karting in Portugal

In News, Portugal, Sport - 07 Dec 2022, 15:47

Woman accused of fraud through “spiritual services”

In News, Portugal, Crime - 07 Dec 2022, 15:06

Grieving dolphin identified in the Algarve

In News - 07 Dec 2022, 14:44

More than 100 officers suspended since 2019

In News, Portugal, Crime - 07 Dec 2022, 14:03

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07 Dec 2022, 14:01

Ryanair offering to “rescue” TAP passengers affected by strike

In News - 05 Dec 2022, 20:03

Body of 35 year old man found in the Algarve

In News - 05 Dec 2022, 10:42

Ton of hash seized after Algarve high speed chase

In News - 04 Dec 2022, 17:08

Ronaldo stops traffic in Lisbon

In News, Portugal - 04 Dec 2022, 13:04


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Algarve flooding “not due to inadequate drainage”

In News, Portugal, Algarve - 06 Dec 2022, 15:02

Weather warning for all of Portugal

In News, Portugal - 06 Dec 2022, 21:08

Portuguese begin the festive season

In News, Portugal - 05 Dec 2022, 16:05

Orange weather warning for southern Portugal

In News, Portugal - 07 Dec 2022, 08:23

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05 Dec 2022, 18:04

Using 70 year old trains "incomprehensible"

The Minister of Infrastructure has said that it is "incomprehensible and unjustifiable"...
In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 07 Dec 2022, 13:05

Minister denies far-right infiltration of police

The Minister of Internal Administration has denied that there is “an intentional...
In News, Portugal, Politics - 07 Dec 2022, 12:05

Vladimir Putin and Will Smith top Google in Portugal

The name of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who ordered the invasion of Ukraine in...
In News, Portugal - 07 Dec 2022, 11:07

Portugal has been an "example of stability" in energy

The CEO of EDP, Miguel Stilwell de Andrade, has said that the high penetration of...
In News, Portugal, Business - 07 Dec 2022, 10:04

Non-urgent patients to be sent to health centres

Patients with green and blue wristbands in the emergency triage at hospitals in Lisbon...
In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 07 Dec 2022, 09:03

Portugal begins training for Morocco game

The Portuguese football team will begin their preparations today for their match against...
In News, Portugal, Sport - 07 Dec 2022, 08:09

More TAP strikes announced

The general assembly of the National Union of Civil Aviation Personnel (SNPVAC) has...
In News, Portugal - 06 Dec 2022, 19:03

Tax office sends out wrong emails

Taxpayers who received an email from the Tax and Customs Authority informing them of tax...
In News, Portugal - 06 Dec 2022, 18:31

Covid-19 “won’t be the last” pandemic we have to face

In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 06 Dec 2022, 18:05

280 kilos of hashish found on the beach

In News, Portugal, Crime - 06 Dec 2022, 17:05

Keeping toll debts for 8 years “excessive”

In News, Portugal - 06 Dec 2022, 16:04

Man rescued in Cascais after falling over board

In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 06 Dec 2022, 15:55


Where will speed checks be this month?

The PSP police have disclosed where they will carry out speed control operations during...
In News, Portugal - 06 Dec 2022, 13:06

Lisbon lights up…but only after the second attempt!

In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 06 Dec 2022, 11:05

Countdown to crucial Portugal World Cup game

In News, Portugal, Sport - 06 Dec 2022, 08:07

Government commits more funds to fire fighting

In News, Portugal - 05 Dec 2022, 19:04

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The guiding lights of the Portuguese high seas

Lighthouses serve to guide sailors sailing on the high seas but are also beautiful to visit on land.
In Portugal - 06 Dec 2022, 18:01

Air fryer scams!

Isn't it ghastly to think that there are scammers out there who are perfectly willing...
In Portugal, Lifestyle

AlgarveLisbonPorto & NorthAlentejoCentralMadeira & Azores

8th edition of Lagoa’s Living Statues

The centre of Lagoa will once again receive another edition of the “Living Statues – The Art of Stillness at Christmas...
In Community, Lifestyle, Events, Algarve - 05 Dec 2022, 20:01

Red Hot Chili Peppers returning to Portugal

NOS Alive has announced another name for the festival next summer, with the Red Hot Chili...
In News, Portugal, Entertainment, Events, Lisbon - 05 Dec 2022, 16:30

Weather warning for southern Portugal

In News, Portugal - 04 Dec 2022, 20:11

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Portugal up against Turkey for F1 race

In News, Portugal, Sport - 03 Dec 2022, 15:03

Lisbon one of the happiest cities in the world

In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 29 Nov 2022, 12:03

EuropeUnited KingdomNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAsiaAfrica

Farmers looking for support

Agricultural leaders from Portugal and Spain have demanded more aid from the European Union for extensive livestock production.
In News, Portugal, Business, Environment, Europe - 03 Dec 2022, 08:05

Portuguese struggling to save

Portuguese households are among those that save the least in the European Union. 
In News, Portugal, Europe - 02 Dec 2022, 14:04

Interpol confirms "red alert" for the arrest of Isabel dos Santos

In News, Portugal, World, Africa - 01 Dec 2022, 17:05

Mass nude photo

In World - 01 Dec 2022, 17:01

Putin shares “mothers pain”

In Europe, World - 01 Dec 2022, 15:01

Blank paper protest

In Asia, World - 01 Dec 2022, 14:01

EconomyCompany NewsFinanceConsumer RightsCrypto

Icelandic hotel group focusing on Serra da Estrela

Icelandic hotel operator, Legendary Hotels and Resorts, has announced their latest international acquisition - a large, 50-room...
In News, Business, Tourism - 05 Dec 2022, 12:03

Luxury car sales soar

The car market is showing signs of recovery and the demand for luxury brands continues to...
In News, Business, Portugal - 04 Dec 2022, 14:05

Portuguese companies forecasting salary increases

Only 7% of companies increasing wages in line with inflation

In News, Business, Portugal - 04 Dec 2022, 09:05

64% of professionals expect a salary increase above inflation

In News, Portugal, Economy - 03 Dec 2022, 09:02

Virtual Try-On Technology: Can It Be the Future of E-commerce?

In Business, Lifestyle - 02 Dec 2022, 18:01


Lisbon’s Prime housing market in 2022: Highs and lows of a Real Estate Agent in an owners’ market

by Sara Outeiro, ex Realtor and Business Development Manager at EQTY Capital
In Invest - 02 Dec 2022, 12:01

A Possible Financial Storm on the UK Horizon

by Mark Penney, Consultant at Émigré LDA
In Invest - 30 Nov 2022, 12:01

Did You Forget Your U.S. International Reporting Obligations?

In Invest - 18 Nov 2022, 09:01

Nashville, Lisbon’s unlikely American ‘Twin’

In Invest - 17 Nov 2022, 11:01

Cascais: The Portuguese Riviera

In Invest - 12 Oct 2022, 09:01

Google searches for relocating to Portugal are at an all-time high

In Invest - 07 Oct 2022, 12:01

Portuguese buyers lead the charge as house prices rise

In Invest - 30 Sep 2022, 13:31

Comporta and Melides, the hidden gems in Portugal

In Invest - 22 Sep 2022, 11:33

Porto Residential Market

In Invest - 16 Sep 2022, 13:01

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Good vibrations

Crystals have been touted for their spiritually aligning properties for thousands of years (the Egyptians carved grave...
In Curiosity , Lifestyle - 05 Dec 2022, 19:01

10 minutes stress busters

Stress can stem from many sources, whether it’s at work, at home, while travelling,...
In Health for the new age, Lifestyle - 05 Dec 2022, 15:01

First Drive: Peugeot 408

In Lifestyle - 04 Dec 2022, 18:01

TravelHidden GemsBeach of the week

Portugal, the new California...

Portugal named ‘Best Tourist Destination in Europe’ for the fifth time in six years. 
In News, Portugal, Lifestyle, Tourism, Travel - 02 Dec 2022, 11:01

“No solutions in sight” for lack of airport workers

The president of the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) has said that “there are...
In News, Portugal, Tourism - 01 Dec 2022, 16:03

Vueling strike with “limited” effects on flights

In News, Portugal, Tourism - 27 Nov 2022, 17:04


Property of the Week - Very elegant four bedroom villa with stunning sea views in Loulé

This very elegant and classic style four-bedroom villa, with panoramic sea views, is located only five minutes from Loulé.
In Property, Algarve - 04 Dec 2022, 17:01

Sand Cliff Villas: Unique investment opportunity near the Algarve’s best beaches

Do you crave year-round sun? Do you adore the feel of sand beneath your feet? Do...
In Property, Algarve, Business - 02 Dec 2022, 10:01

Golden visa homes still being bought in Lisbon and Porto

In News, Portugal, Property - 01 Dec 2022, 10:03


New golf course back on track

Construction work on the golf course in the parish of Ponta do Pargo, which was interrupted with 64% of the project completed,...
In News, Portugal, Sport, Madeira & Azores - 04 Dec 2022, 11:04

Cristiano Ronaldo: “There is still much more to come”

The Captain of the Portuguese national team left a message on social networks following...
In News, Portugal, Sport - 02 Dec 2022, 18:44

Portugal loses but progresses through to the knockouts

In News, Portugal, Sport - 02 Dec 2022, 17:16

Portugal v Uruguay game beats viewer records

In News, Portugal, Sport - 30 Nov 2022, 11:03

Ronaldo claims World Cup goal: "The ball touched me"

In News, Portugal, Sport - 29 Nov 2022, 13:30

Over 2 million tune in to Portugal game

In News, Portugal, Sport - 27 Nov 2022, 13:23


‘Bats growl like death metal singers’

Bats are extreme when it comes to sound production and have a greater vocal range than singers like Mariah Carey and Prince, a...
In Weird, Curiosity - 02 Dec 2022, 19:01

World’s oldest cat is same age as new owner at 27

The world’s oldest cat has been rehomed with a new owner who is the same age.
In Weird, United Kingdom - 24 Nov 2022, 18:01

200 year old King's heart set to arrive in Porto

In News, Weird - 09 Sep 2022, 13:01

Boris Johnson emerges as most popular prime minister… among novelty jug buyers

In Weird - 06 Aug 2022, 16:01

Anne, eight, breaks record by naming every capital and currency in the world

In Weird - 25 Jul 2022, 20:01

The Rolling Stones invite Ukrainian choir to perform on stage in Vienna

In Curiosity , Weird, Music - 19 Jul 2022, 18:01

Living chess set featuring 32 actors turns heads at London’s ChessFest

In Weird - 19 Jul 2022, 17:01

‘Greeters Guild’ comedian waves baffled Man City players off on pre-season tour

In Weird - 19 Jul 2022, 08:01


Winter “decisive” in understanding Covid-19

The National Association of Public Health Physicians (ANMSP) has said that this winter will be “decisive” for understanding...
In News, COVID-19, Portugal - 01 Dec 2022, 11:01

Open House Covid-19 vaccines now available for over 60’s

The Open House programme for booster vaccinations against Covid-19 (commonly known as the...
In News, COVID-19, Portugal - 30 Nov 2022, 15:27

Other News

Experts Recommend Switching From Solana (SOL) and FTX (FTT) To Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Solana (SOL) and FTX (FTT) are crashing harder than ever before, and experts are...
In Crypto - 07 Dec 2022, 08:01

TRON (TRX), Big Eyes Coin (BIG), and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) – 3 Coins Fighting the Bear Market

After the success of Bitcoin, several cryptocurrencies have flooded the market. While many...
In Crypto - 05 Dec 2022, 10:06

Police clamp down on drink driving

Between Monday (5th) and next Sunday (11th), the National Republican Guard (GNR) will be...
In News, Portugal, Crime - 04 Dec 2022, 19:02

Flood warning issued

Civil Protection have issued a warning, valid until Monday, due to forecasts of heavy...
In News, Portugal - 04 Dec 2022, 15:52

27 years of SMS

Launched in 1995 in Portugal, SMS text messaging service reached its peak in 2012,...
In News, Portugal - 04 Dec 2022, 15:05

48 arrested in Lisbon

The Metropolitan Command of the Lisbon PSP detained 48 people on Friday, 12 of whom were...
In News, Portugal, Crime, Lisbon - 04 Dec 2022, 12:05

Margaret of Scotland

In Curiosity - 04 Dec 2022, 10:01

Dogecoin (DOGE) soars after Elon Musk hints at Twitter 2.0, Tora Inu (TORA), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Tamadoge (TAMA) Remain Stable: Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Presale sees 260% Price increase

In Crypto - 04 Dec 2022, 09:01

End Polio Now Annual Charity Bike Ride

In Community - 04 Dec 2022, 08:01

Man arrested at Lisbon airport for “offensive” behaviour

In News, Portugal, Crime, Lisbon - 03 Dec 2022, 13:03