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Coimbra is home to some of the cheapest house prices in Portugal.

More green spaces to combat rising temperatures

A researcher studying the climate in Coimbra has concluded that small green spaces, such as trees on Avenida Sá da Bandeira, are... In News, Portugal, Environment, Central, Renature - 31 Aug 2023, 08:05



Urban forests in Portugal and Spain

The CENCYL City Network, which gathers together certain Portuguese and Spanish cities, is discussing the challenges of urban... In News, Portugal, Environment, Sustainability , Renature - 07 May 2023, 09:02

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Essential things for a holiday

It starts before you even leave the house! In Lifestyle, Travel, Curiosity - 01 Oct 2023, 19:01

Spreading Forró across the globe

Forró is a popular genre of music and dance from Northeastern Brazil, which is based on a... In Music, Lifestyle

How hard is it to fill in a form?

Everyone’s done a few in the past In Opinion, Lifestyle

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