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20 years of rehabilitating marine animals

By Bruno G. Santos, In Renature, Algarve



224 new species in Greater Mekong

A langur monkey, a half-orange, half-grey gecko and the world’s first succulent bamboo are among 224 new species in the Greater...
By PA/TPN, In Community, Renature

Animals that recently became extinct - or very nearly

These are just 7 to be added to a very long list
By Marilyn Sheridan, In Community, Renature

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Mistakes – out of mind, out of sight?

I know I flipped the “out of sight, out of mind” saying, because, well, I can and today I want to talk about mindset and...
By PA/TPN, In Portugal, Lifestyle

Delays in issuing biometric cards worrying Brits

The British press has reported that UK nationals’ paperwork has been denied...
By Paula Martins, In News, Portugal, United Kingdom

Guide to passenger rights for travel cancellations

This summer, to reach your destination you may need to travel by airplane, but don't...
By Paula Martins, In World, Consumer Rights

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We need to ‘stork’ about this amazing bird

“What did you do with my house!?”
By Jake Cleaver, In Renature

Another creature about to go the way of the Dodo

I know it has nothing to do with Portugal, but we may never see one anyway
By Marilyn Sheridan, In Renature

Would you like to be a fly on the wall in a nesting box?

Vita Nativas Local Accommodation for Birds Project is already “on the air” - with...
By Jake Cleaver, In Renature

Stag Beetles

They only have two things on their minds!
By Marilyn Sheridan, In Renature

A Rocha - taking care of the bright and beautiful

And you can get involved too.
By Jake Cleaver, In Renature, Environment

Have you seen this bird in Portugal?

Common Quail Coturnix coturnix
By Alan Vittery, In Renature

Centipede or millipede?

By Marilyn Sheridan, In Renature

Have you seen this bird?

By Alan Vittery, In Renature

“I’m ‘talon’ you, that's a camera!”

By Jake Cleaver, In Renature

Getting back to the natural ecosystem

In Renature


By Marilyn Sheridan, In Renature