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Madeira aims for 50% renewable energy production

The production of electricity from renewable sources in Madeira will reach 40% this year, the president of the Regional Government...
By TPN/Lusa, In Portugal, Business, Madeira & Azores, Sustainability - 22 Jan 2022, 09:10

Are you being environmentally friendly?

By PA/TPN, In Sustainability - 04 Nov 2021, 18:00



Who is telling you the truth about carbon reduction?

Companies and politicians would like you to believe that they are fully committed to achieving climate change within a few years....
By Paul Luckman, In Opinion Pieces, Sustainability - 14 Sep 2021, 16:00

Portugal forging ahead with green energy

Portugal will be home to one of two hybrid energy parks in Europe as part of the Horizon...
By TPN/Lusa, In News, Portugal, Sustainability - 14 Sep 2021, 08:00

Microsatellites ruining the night sky

By TPN/Lusa, In Sustainability , News - 24 Aug 2021, 12:00

The municipality of Mira will reforest 1,600 hectares of burned pine forest

By TPN/Lusa, In News, Sustainability - 08 Aug 2021, 14:00

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The big old Volvos of yesteryear

For many years the 'big Volvos' were my go-to choice of carriage. Those stately looking 700-Series and 900-Series Volvo...
By Douglas Hughes, In Lifestyle - 27 Jan 2022, 16:08

How much we take for granted in our homes

I’m talking water here
By Marilyn Sheridan, In Lifestyle - 27 Jan 2022, 12:00

Removing the UFO stigma

Exclusive interview with Leslie Kean Part 2
By Chris Lehto, In Curiosity - 26 Jan 2022, 17:22

Transforming transport in Coimbra

By Bruno G. Santos, In News, Porto & North - 26 Jan 2022, 12:12


By Marilyn Sheridan, In Lifestyle - 26 Jan 2022, 12:00

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New toilet can convert poop into power.

According to the good news network, a school in South Korea has come up with a...
By TPN/Lusa, In Sustainability , News - 28 Jul 2021, 14:20

European biodiesel consumption has destroyed four million hectares of forests

The use of biodiesel in diesel consumed by cars in Europe will have caused the destruction...
By TPN/Lusa, In News, Sustainability - 17 Jul 2021, 18:07

Single-use plastics banned as of today

Single-use plastics are banned as of today, under the European directive that Portugal has...
By TPN/Lusa, In News, Environment, Renature, Sustainability - 01 Jul 2021, 14:18

Calls for new cars sold in Portugal to be 100% electric from 2035

Environmental association Zero has called for new cars sold in Portugal to be 100%...
By TPN/Lusa, In News, Sustainability , Lifestyle - 14 Jun 2021, 19:00

Galp wants to invest in renewable energies

Galp announced on 2 June that renewable energies should represent around 30 percent of the...
By TPN/Lusa, In News, Sustainability - 04 Jun 2021, 01:00

Lightsource bp invests €900m in Portugal

Lightsource bp, a subsidiary of the British multinational bp, announced that it will be...
In News, Business, Environment, Sustainability - 30 May 2021, 16:17

Floating solar park plans move ahead

By TPN/Lusa, In News, Sustainability - 14 May 2021, 01:00