“Winning is important for confidence, to know exactly our level and consolidate the work we've been doing. After winning 49-26 in Russia, and 43-28 in Spain, we have to play against strong teams to see if the way we are trying to play works against a team like Canada”, said coach Patrice Lagisquet.

They are a “very powerful team in the back lines” and with “good foot play”, a style of rugby “a bit like the teams we will face in February” in qualifying for the World Cup, “like Georgia and Romania”.

Portugal host Canada on Saturday, at 15:00, in the first private meeting of the international window in November, a week before facing Japan, ranked 10th in the World Rugby ranking, in Coimbra.

The games are part of the Portuguese team's preparation strategy for the world qualifiers, whose second round will take place in February and March of next year.