The company is led by Operations Manager Rachel Adams and CEO Paul Ledwith, who opened the business two years ago after working in renewable energies for 32 years in the South West of England.
“We first came to the Algarve 12 years ago and instantly fell in love with the region. We stayed in Olhão and when I woke up on the first morning and opened the curtains to look across at the fish market and the islands, we knew this is where we wanted to be,” said Paul.

“We had always wanted to relocate abroad and although we had been well travelled, we had never found a place that we thought we could really move to,” added Rachel.
But a move to the Algarve also meant a move in their business: “We would initially come here about six times a year to assess the market and how we could bring renewables to the region and beyond. We did our homework and found that houses predominantly had problems with damp,” said Paul.

“We had the background and the expertise as well as the top suppliers to meet the needs of property owners in the Algarve which led us to set up Casa Verde”.

However it was the bringing together of a reliable and professional team that has helped the company to set themselves apart, alongside their complete dedication to customer service and communication.
“It really is all about the team,” said Rachel, “Isa runs the office and is fantastic with all the employees and all of the clients. Then we have all of the outdoor team who always go the extra mile, not only for clients but also for the community as a whole.

“Since Covid-19 we have been working in partnership with Movyng car and can rental, delivering goods from Aldi twice a week to two associations. We have already delivered more than 48 vans with food while at the same time managing to get an institution in Albufeira to collect it from the store there. All the deliveries are made by our colleagues from the outside team who do this after their working hours.”

Going above and beyond is key to Casa Verde in all aspects of their business, with the team priding themselves on always providing a speedy response to the needs of clients.

“Setting up the company has allowed us to create many jobs while also providing a level of quality that had not been previously experienced,” said Paul.

“We have many word of mouth recommendations and have had a very positive response to our work.”

Casa Verde do not charge for an initial assessment, which is usually done by Paul himself personally, allowing him to be able to explain all of the benefits of renewables in the home.

“We have products to fit all situations and work to create awareness about going green,” said Paul, “99.7 percent of the people that I meet I am able to educate in renewables but I always believe in keeping it simple and explaining things in lay terms. People don’t just want to know about the technical side of the products, they really want to know about longevity and how the product can work for them.”

While the business has offices based in Quinta Shopping in Quinta do Lago, the couple prefer to escape to the hills to their home in Santa Barbara de Nexe where they live a more traditional Portuguese lifestyle while of course embracing renewables in their own property.

“We really do believe in our products”, said Rachel, “We offer guarantees that extend long beyond what we are required to and of course always provide every client with clear and constant communication – this has been the key to our success.”