These days it’s common-place to work in multiple different sectors, but Karl Heinz Stock was very much an early adopter of this trend. At the end of the 80s, this German banker visited Moscow for the first time, and immediately understood the limitless potential that existed for a fresh-faced entrepreneur during the country’s transition from communism to capitalism. So together with a Georgian partner, Shalva Chigirinsky, they founded the first private Real Estate Development company in Russia, named STT Group. They went on to outperform even their wildest expectations, for a period of years their companies were the main focus of renowned architect Norman Foster. Later the group grew, with offices in London and New York, the partners even ventured into the oil and petroleum business, but never leaving their core-activity of real estate behind.

However, not one for subtle changes, the moment Karl left Moscow and exited from these industries, he jumped straight into his next project, that of making high-end wine in his favourite corner of the world, the Algarve in southern Portugal. He spent a decade setting up the region’s leading wine estate, Quinta dos Vales, whilst also establishing himself as one of the better-known sculptors in the region (hundreds of which are on exhibition on the wine estate itself, ranging from 30cm to 7 meters in height).

Once this challenge had been accomplished, he realised that he needed something more, and understood that he missed his core business, Real Estate. Therefore in 2017, he started developing interesting concepts which allowed him to jump back into the industry, but still allowing himself to be creative. The first two of these projects are now close to completion:

The first project obviously had to be linked to wine, The Vines is a resort located in the heart of Quinta dos Vales, which is made up of 32 villa suites, all of which overlook the picturesque vineyards. The units are ideally suited as holiday-homes, especially for wine-lovers. Not only is it a high-end development located in a unique setting, but it also offers a turnkey buy-to-let package, which offers the owners a healthy return on their investment. These fully serviced units have been structured in a way that ownership is completely hassle-free, profitable, as well as allows one to live the dream of owning a holiday-home in a vineyard.

Through the second development, Karl wanted to express his love for the region which he and his family have called home for over 20 years. Carvoeiro Gardens is a stand-alone resort of primarily villas, located by the coastline and near the popular touristic hotspot Carvoeiro. But this resort has a very unique twist, it doesn’t present itself with the typical grass and palm-tree look. The plot of land on which Carvoeiro Gardens has been developed stood untamed for decades beforehand, meaning nature was allowed to run its course. When the development was planned, it was planned around the existing trees and shrubbery, so as to maintain the natural flora & fauna that has developed on-site over the years. These villas are suited either as holiday-homes for family vacations, or as permanent residences.

Having gathered experience from multiple different sectors and countries, Karl knew that he needed to create something different, something special, to ensure success, but more importantly, to ensure he wouldn’t get bored. These two developments have been the first, and the market is excited to find out what is going to come next. To get in contact with Karl please email