“I want and we are going to fight for Chega to be the leader of Government in Portugal and if the others want they will have to unite with us. But we will lead a Government in Portugal”, he said.

Speaking in Braga, André Ventura decided to “raise the bar”, stressing that Chega no longer just wants to be part of a Government coalition, but rather the leader of a Government.

For the 26 September local authorities, he predicted an “overwhelming” result for Chega.

“If for now we have a voice [in the Assembly of the Republic], in 10 or 12 days we will have hundreds or thousands of voices throughout the country. And these hundreds or thousands of voices will be the red card for António Costa and the Socialist Party”, he said.

André Ventura also criticised that PSD president Rui Rio's "preoccupation of the moment" is the transfer of the Constitutional Court to Coimbra, a concern that Ventura considers to be on the same level as that expressed by Deputy Joacine Katar Moreira.

“These are not deputies, these are political puppets who are there to sell themselves. We don't worry about the superfluous”, concluded the leader of Chega, recalling that at this time there are “so many people in Portugal who don't even have the money to put food on the table”.