A lawyer friend took me to lunch last week. It is not mandatory to wear a mask either in the street or in a restaurant, but we were amused to find that we had to wear a mask to pass through one doorway to get from one to the other. The door led straight from the street into the eating area. No-one could explain the purpose of the notice, but of course, complying with it was mandatory.

Let’s ignore the facts about masks, that they serve no purpose as they cannot prevent viruses from passing through as viruses are so small, but concentrate on something far more worrying.

The following day we were stopped from entering an area of wasteland in Lagos because we were required to wear a mask to pass through the gate.

“What gate?” I asked.

We were told in all seriousness that there was a gate across a twenty yard stretch of land. I could see no gate, neither could my companions, but the idiots in front of us insisted there was a gate, and we had to wear a mask to pass through it.

Things quickly got worse. They explained that we had to wear a mask to enter a covered area. “What cover?” we asked. “What’s that up there?”

No-one answered. It was, of course, the sky, the sun, and an occasional wisp of cloud. Certainly no covering could be seen, and there was nothing to support any kind of roof as there were no walls.

It got worse. We were told there was a barrier dividing off the refreshment area. No-one could see any barrier. We were told the barrier was a line across the ground which we couldn’t see. Apparently this barrier was there to keep the viruses from crossing into the restaurant area.

No-one could tell us where the notices were alerting the viruses of the existence of this barrier which was to prevent them crossing into another area of the open waste land.

All this nonsense despite the well known fact that viruses cant survive in open sunlight for more than two minutes. But then, who reads the science papers on these subjects?

This is serious. Grown people claiming the sky is a roof and so a patch of waste land is covered, and that there are gates and barriers which none of us can see. I always understood that people who have hallucinations need medical treatment. Is this the desired result of this whole covid nonsense? If not, can someone tell me in plain but scientific language what this is all about. At least in the sixties when we saw non-existent roofs and gates it was because we were high on LSD.

What is this lot high on? And can they ever come down from this weird trip? The whole incident was more like the entry into a lunatic asylum.

dr john clare,

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