Ross Architect & Design AB work with design and planning of mainly exclusive villas. Their houses are characterised by care for the enviroment, beauty, timelessness and good function. The company´s architect-designed villas are created to bring harmony between the home and the surroundings, creating the protective framework for man in nature and making sure that the surroundings are enriched by the building. When they seek the answers for the architecture of the future, with modern technology that minimises the human impact in nature, they look for new solutions both technically and aesthetically. The user´s well-being plays a great importance to the company and their designs.

Ross Architecture & Design AB has, since 1996, under the leadership of architect SAR Pål Ross, worked with the intention of being the leader in offering its own unique designs. Their innovative and award winning architecture has a very strong historical foundation that guarantees timelessness in their work.
In 2009 they created the most beautiful villa in Sweden. Pål Ross is an expert at thinking outside the box and his reference list testifies to a solid competence far beyond the ordinary. His houses are characterised by a combination of the classical and modern, organic forms and are an interplay with nature.

Pål Ross has spent several years living in Spain and has successfully introduced Ross Architecture & Design in the country. They have an ongoing project in Altea, northeast of Alicante together with a Swedish client. It is a beautiful property that will be ready in the spring of 2022. The house is being built in a fantastic location where an old house has been taken down. A great alternative when the right empty plot cannot be found. The company still uses their unique design and the plots on the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula are rather hilly and fit their style perfectly.

Ross in Portugal

Now is the time to turn to Portugal and SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate is proud to introduce their collaboration with this award-winning firm. We will help our customers find the perfect plot of land for one of Ross’ unique and all custom designed home. The client will be rewarded with their own, one of a kind property nowhere else in the world to be found. The interest in having a customised and exclusive property has grown and with our collaboration we are able to offer our clients at SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate a wider choise of possibilities. We do not only show them what is on the market today but also a prospect of what can become of working with Ross. With such collaboration we can accommodate our clients wishes and expectations on a higher level.
We will, together with Ross Architecture & Design, support our clients through the process.

Do you wish to have a your own one of a kind property or do you have a plot of land for sale, please contact us at SkandiaMäklarna Real Estate: +46 708 254600 / +351 911 015 315 /