“Raising money, has been our driving force.” Says President Jenny Clarke. “But it’s more than, important, now. It is crucial! These events, have proven to be more successful than we had hoped. With Christmas in the foreground of everyone’s mind we continually, need to remind our supporters that we are still here. Still helping the abandoned, uncared for, often injured animals. We are lucky to have Caroline England at Pet Park, who looks after our dogs until they are re-homed. We have Zélia Santos, with her tireless help with ‘cat colonies’. Pop-Ups became our answer.” Jenny Clarke smiles. “It puts us in front of our supporting public. Pop in for a chat, buy presents. Especially now with Christmas coming.” Future pre-Christmas Pop-ups are scheduled for every Wednesday between 10th November – 1st December at Bacchus Bar, Porches 10-2pm selling APAA Christmas cards and calendars, home-made preserves, and a lot more. Also: Recantos dos Mouros, Silves 26th November 10-1pm with lunch after. Be sure to reserve your table early.

For more information contact: info@apaaportugal@gmail.com