Craft and design is a concept, a movement, a new energy headed by an individual trying to give a platform for good quality hand made products to be given an outlet and the opportunity to be seen by the public, buyers and collectors alike . There really is nowhere for crafts shows of the size they would like to be held here in the Algarve so they are hoping to change that as they move forward.

“Crafters seem to be ignored and neglected and labelled "for tourists" or seen as unprofessional but there are some brilliantly talented people here creating handmade arts and crafts hidden in the shadows and we need to bring the talent out for people to see and help these incredibly important people sell and share their work. These days handmade, genuine crafted products are becoming more essential as the world around us changes and we realise that air miles are a thing to avoid and we are drowning in plastic waste. I’m hoping to get the Algarve as a destination for people to see crafts made, join classes and buy goods”.

Here is a list of a few of the crafters at the Luz fair 17 and 18 of December: The glass house - Stained glass, Fiona Morton - hand painted jewellery, Karim – Silversmith, Cecilia Johannson - Dunton design. Phil Martin - Relit kernow, Rita Cardoso - Get naked probiotics. Hayley Palmer - Natural cosmetics, Carla Connolly - Beleza de burgau candles, Dori kun - Art prints, Sue Sutherland - Olhera negative hand spun wool and knits, Supriya - Momolina felt, Jurgita friis Jorgensen - Handmade jewellery and Mary Anne Jaraisy - Handmade bags.