“What really worries me is the delay in vaccinating with the third dose. And then I think the Portuguese Government showed signs of some incompetence and inefficiency and that was the essential point”, Paulo Rangel told journalists.

In his view, it is important “that people over 65 and the most vulnerable people are prepared in case there is any problem with another wave arising, which is not anticipated in Portugal”.

For Paulo Rangel, “it is not understandable that a country that was so successful in vaccinating while having Vice Admiral Gouveia e Melo at the head of the process, now, from the moment it was handed over to the Ministry of Health, is showing so much difficulty in being put into practice”.

With regard to the evolution of the pandemic in Portugal, the opponent of Rui Rio in the race for the PSD presidency considered that "we have to monitor the numbers week by week" and "take appropriate measures".

“It's a matter to be followed up without causing alarm,” he stressed.