Projects that support FutureCoin already have a total capitalization of $4 million, in November alone the team managed to get about $3 million through currency procurements, of which $600,000 represents the investment of two private investors from Dubai and Switzerland.

FutureCoin aims to bridge the gap between the traditional financial market and the cryptocurrency market. TradeLink technology, behind FutureCoin, is based on a new validation system, POT (Proof of Trade), which involves the automatic mining during the transaction and anonymisation of each trade, so as to provide a complete protection against cyber-attacks. Currently in the development phase, the new technology will be released in 2023.

FutureCoin founder Cristian Filip, aged 19, aims to revolutionise the virtual currency market through the new technology and to solve some of the issues in the current blockchain system, such as: involvement of third parties in cryptocurrency transactions, exposure to cyber-attacks, low performance in the current blockchain infrastructure and, in particular, the lack of interoperability between different blockchain solutions and external services.

The cryptocurrency will be supported by the true results of 12 innovative technological projects in the financial field, which estimated value reaches 4 trillion dollars by 2030, and which FutureCoin aims to release globally.

"We are a young and visionary team of 30 creative and experienced people, which is why we are confident that this currency and its projects will be able to bring a change in the world we live in today and in the near future. FutureCoin is the single virtual currency that provides solutions to the current issues on the cryptocurrency market, and the projects developed around it will amplify its impact on the market. We are currently in the pre-sale phase and we aim to obtain a funding worth $ 15 million, with which to start a part of the 12 projects and to complete some of them in 2022 ", said Cristian Filip, founder and CEO of Tradelink Technology LTD.

"This month we will release Coinfiles, a platform where all statistics about cryptocurrencies, exchanges and the crypto market will be available, as well as the launchpad for crypto projects and the FutureCoin investor application. Here investors will be able to see all the financial data, statistics about marketing campaigns, will have the opportunity to communicate with each other and will receive the latest news on the market, but also can take part to the board's decisions regarding the projects. In addition, we are in the Beta version phase for Destiny Wallet & Destiny Swap, two other projects in the ecosystem created by FutureCoin ”, says Iustinian Filip, COO of Tradelink Technology LTD.